Featured Stories

The immigrant story is the story of America. Immigrants weave the fabric of our nation and remind us why people come from far and wide for freedom and opportunity. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lani Lolong

I got to America a week before 9/11. I went to work for a Filipino family in Burbank (California). I came here on a three-month visa, but I stayed with them for three years. I got paid $250 a month as their live-in nanny. Compared to what I was making in the Philippines, it was a lot for me. Even when you’re working hard, you’re going nowhere there.

Emmanuel Mwangi

The immigrant experience is an American experience. Being an immigrant is the quintessential American experience. It’s just a matter of how many layers you go back. I think everyone is a part of this experience. To me, America is an idea — more than a group of people who have always lived on a piece of land. We started off as an experiment and the experiment isn’t over.

Michael Chan

I came to America because the environment and government of Burma was being taken over by the military and I did not see a future for myself in the country. I am thankful that my uncle was able to sponsor me and my family to come to the United States of America.